Episode 7 Blog; Eviction Day!

And so here we have it....The biggest PLOT TWIST so far! The first evicition...Or is it?

Following the first two weeks of the girls being in the house, there was highs, lows, tension and love all under one roof...But ultimately, one person has to leave! So let's get into it!

Quickly breaking down the results; in first place we had Ashton with 33% of the girls results, Sage with 26%, Holly on 21%, Olivia with 19% and last but not least was Patricia with a whopping....1%.

As some of you may or may not know by now, our presenter, Tracy Kiss; had to leave for family reasons. Some things the Baddie House cannot control and a mutual agreement was reached that it was best for her to leave the show. SO, this begs the question; who is our new presenter?! Surely it had to be someone charismatic, fun, quirky and of course BADDIE....Almost presedential like...Step forward Miss Holly Barker! Our new show presenter.

With Holly stepping forward into the presenter role; this meant that there was space for one new baddie to enter the villa and for Patricia to skip eviction....Lucky baddie! With an impressive 1M followers, numerous music video features and general overall sublime social media presence; we present to you, our latest Baddie....Zahra Elise!

Let's see how this one turns out Baddies....Stay tuned!

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