Episode 5 Blog; The Sexiest Dart Board Challenge!

Well, what an episode ‘The Baddie Mile High Club’ turned out to be, did you guys find out anything new about your favourite baddies? Was the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game insightful to you? Let us know! We know that we certainly we did! 


In today’s episode we put the baddies hand skills to the ultimate test…And not the way that you are thinking! The Baddie Dartboard challenge is guaranteed to be the sexiest dartboard game that you will see to date with all of the added ULTIMATE forfeits. Oil, dancing, getting wet, toe sucking are just some of the insane forfeits that the Baddies will be put through by our ultimate house queen, Nathan. Be sure to tune into this episode with Nathan and the girls where we will see all of the Baddies get WET, SLIMEY, MESSY and of course SEXY as hell….Would you expect anything less? Who will come out on top? You will have to wait and see!


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